Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Leandra Medine is undoubtedly a pioneer of sorts. With the birth of her blog The Man Repeller she showed us that not only was it okay that we freely express ourselves through apparel that would typically make any man scratch their heads in wonderment, but it was also okay to let our freak flags hang high. The thing I love most about the Man Repeller is the effortlessness and confidence she exudes through her exotic fashions; a confidence that I believe to be irresistibly (even to the opposite sex!). Of the various trends, tutorials, and sartorial pictures that her site has provided, one of the most notable features her blog was the introduction of the “arm party.”

Personally I am more of a statement necklace or earring girl but one does not simply deny the sartorial intrigue the arm party provides for an outfit. Although I have yet to come up with a successful arm party for myself, experimenting with bracelets and rings at the cash wraps of my favorite stores have provided me with insight to creating a cohesive look. It all starts with a theme (typically what you would describe your personal style) and it builds from there. For this set I chose a bohemian theme because when I look for jewelry, pieces that remind me of youth and freedom are what appeal to me. When creating this look make sure that you are purchasing/creating items that are uniquely you so when people check out your fully loaded arm they’re getting to know you as a person, not what was sold as a set at Forever 21. Have fun and experiment!

How To Create an Arm Party
My favorite arm parties, courtesy of Pinterest and Song of Style

Collared & Chained

Although I was never required to wear a uniform throughout my primary and secondary schooling, nothing fills me with more nostalgia for my childhood than a peter pan collar. First introduced on the fall runways in 2010, peter pan collars have undergone various renovations in order to make this look novel. Currently you can see peter pan collars adorned with bold spikes and eye-catching gem embellishments, and even crafted in unique fabrics such as lace and leather. My favorite innovation to the collar is the peter pan collar necklace. This necklace allows you to put a schoolgirl spin to any outfit. I just recently bought one from Macy’s (unfortunately it’s sold out online), which I am excited to pair with lace shirts, peplum dresses, and juxtapose with a leather tank. What is your opinion of the trend. I’d love to hear. 


Chalk Factor


Being a California native, Planet Blue’s Golden State bohème meets beach bum aesthetic has always resonated with my sartorial tastes. With the usage of fringe accents, paisley prints, and turquoise set in silver with the use of a mirror image effect no doubt, this lookbook had me at hello. I can’t get enough of model Amanda Booth’s chalked hair. Although the styled looks coincide with the western trends that have been forecasted for Fall, her sun-bleached locks dipped in oceanic blues and purples add intrigue to each outfit. (Like come on, how gorgeous is Booth the pic of booth in the fringe merlot-colored number). You can view the entire the Yesterday’s Flowers lookbook at Planet Blue. Don’t be surprised if by the time you are finished viewing the photos that you are order chalk from your nearest arts & crafts store. 


Fiery Mother Pucker


Looking back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories are holing up in the family bathroom trying on my mother’s wide assortment of lipsticks. From the softest of pinks to the darkest of rich wines, it seemed my mother had captured a pigment of the rainbow in each luxurious tube. I remember feeling so glamorous as I uncapped the lipstick and applied the slanted balm onto my lips. Each shade unleashed a different facet of my personality. 

I was not allowed to wear lipstick in high school but at the time it didn’t seem to matter. I found solace in flavored Lip Smackers and shimmering glosses. But lately I have been craving that surge of glamour into my every day life. Usually being one to play up the eyes, I am challenging myself to be more experimental when it comes to my beauty routine and play up another feature. This Autumn I look forward to painting my lips with rich hues of burgundy, chocolate, and copper pairing them with full brows, thick lashes, and a soft dew on my face. The photos shown in this post serve as my inspiration.

Above: Elizabeth Olsen wearing a warm berry hue; Below: Donna Karan Spring ’12 sporting a deep burgundy 




First Impressions


Everyone can relate to having “first-day-of-school” jitters. The butterflies swarming in the pit of your gut, the sweat coating your palms, the inability to respirate. These symptoms come with the territory of starting a new chapter in your life.

Even as a college student I still toss and turn the night before classes thinking about what wear to the first day of classes. First outfits always carry so much significance and weight. It provides a brief statement to others about who you are, what you like, and who you aspire to be. It can give insight into your personality and preferences. What we wear can provide a person enough information about you just by your choice in garments.

This look reminded me of that back-to-school time period because it’s mid-August but me being the cable-knit-sweater hogging, boot-toting, fur loving freak that I am, at the sight of overcast I was all over my fall wardrobe like you would not believe. Jumping the gun? Maybe just a wee bit. The sun came out to play less than half an hour later. But the minute I slipped on my fur-adorned denim vest and pulled up my western-inspired black boots, I began to fill the tingle in my fingertips that one can only equate with the sense of a new beginning.




Daring Denim

Printed Denim

American Eagle Outfitters boat neck top / Whyred long sleeve shirt, $150 / American Eagle Outfitters racerback tank / American Eagle Outfitters jeans / J crew / Sam Edelman boots / Ballet flat

In the late 1800’s when Levi Strauss first fashioned denim jeans he was simply creating a solution to the unavailability of durable pants during the Gold Rush. What Mr. Strauss did not foresee was that he would start a revolution for American fashion that would relevant for generations to come. Over one hundred years later, denim jeans are more relevant then ever, considered a staple in the wardrobes of females and males alike. With jeans being around for so long it only makes sense that the innovators of the world had to reinvent this classic item in order to get a fresh take. With the help of autumnal hues, tie-dye washes, and floral prints, denim was revitalized this fall on the runway.

As exciting as this new perspective on denim is, it can also be difficult to find a way to integrate these custom-designed pieces into our wardrobes. If you want to get your cost-per-wear out of this trendy item my advice is to treat them like any other pair of jeans. Above I have shown a tie-dyed pair of denim. One way you can showcase this outstanding piece is to let it be the focal point in your outfit, pair it with neutral pieces such as the plain tank, pullover sweater, chambray shirt, and western shoes shown above. This kind of pairing is more preferential when wearing printed denim, where mixing patterns is a little more tricky For a more quirky take, don’t be afraid to pair this denim with a patterned piece such as a striped sweater or cheetah print shoes. Just don’t wear them both at the same time! You can also do this with patterned pieces if the patterns are same; for example is you have a small printed floral pair of jeans try pairing it with a shirt with different size of florals in the same color scheme. Last but not least, through on some of your go-to accessories to create a uniquely you ensemble.

Work It Out Foxy Lady

ImageGoing to the gym to work on my fitness is an essential part of my daily routine. I love the feeling of working towards something that at first seems unattainable and then proving myself wrong. Exercise has improved all aspects of my life. I joined the gym 8 months ago, regularly exercising five times a week and I can tell you physically, mentally, and spiritually I have never felt better. Whether it be getting down with my bad self at a Zumba class or kicking major bootay at Turbo Kick; regular exercise has provided me with confidence, strength, and clarity.

Throughout my fitness journey I have acquired tons of knowledge about proper eating habits and effective workouts, one of which is the importance of strength training for women. A lot of females avoid lifting weights because they feel as if it will make them “bulk up” or they are scared of the weird stares from men indicating that they do not belong. Never one to shy away easily, I combat weird stares from men by playing up my girly attributes. Sure they may snicker when they see me perkily walking towards the heavy weights with pink bows in my hair but I find when I look my best, I work out my best. And in the end isn’t that purpose. 

Here are my six ways to work it out like a fox:

  1. Trendy Sports Bra – The gym may be the only place appropriate for a girl to show off her bra in public. Might as well make it sassy! I personally love choosing brightly colored or patterned bras because they are an easy way to mix in your personality into a work out ensemble. 
  2. Hair Bows – Who says that ponytails have to be boring? Hair bows and colored headbands/hair ties are an easy way to mix in color into your workout attire. Put that sucker up in a p.tail and slap on a bow, and you are good to go. 
  3. Watches – Wearing a watch to the gym makes it easy to time your workout, circuits, or strength training moves and are overall just a practical decision. I love this G-Shock watch because of the vivid violet hue.
  4. Slogan Water Bottles – Drinking water is so imperative when you are working out. Although it may taste bland, your exercise bottle certainly doesn’t have to be! I always buy water bottles with fun slogans on them because for me they encourage me to workout. Right now I sport the green Victoria’s Secret water bottle that states “Let’s work it out.” Every time I see it I’m motivated to plan my exercise for the week and to drink more water. 
  5. Sassy Shirts – Shirts with witty phrases such as this Nike one are my absolute favorite. I feel like when I’m in the weight room with a T-shirt or tank similar to this, guys definitely don’t want to mess. 
  6. Colorful Sneakers – When exercising, shoes that support your activities are essential. When choosing the right shoe you want to look for comfort, longevity, and a style that is suitable for you. Shoes are also a great way to integrate color into your workout attire but if you like your look to be more cohesive neutral colors may be the way to go. 

Fedorably Photogenic


With the sun’s rays beaming less heavily and the wind providing a much needed cool breeze, my sister and I took the opportunity to head outdoors. I could not get enough of the outfit my sister was sporting! She was wearing the perfect attire for a sunny but breezy day such as this: an aztec-printed top, cuffed shorts, TOMS, and a straw fedora she casually through on before leaving the house. Casual and yet put-together we spent the day perusing shops in our downtown area and scoring some major finds. More details of our loot to come! 

The pictures we took feature her outside of a local inn; the colors of which complemented her outfit picture-perfectly. 

Peplums & Pastels


August is so awkward. It is the month that technically a part of the Summer season category; however with fluctuating temperatures and new back-to-school merchandise a girl can beg to differ. With the sweet cooing of the stock up sales on oversized knit sweaters, deep autumnal hued denim, and clunky leather western boots it has been a battle not to dump my summer purchases and have an autumnal affair. However, let’s not be too hasty. Retailers may be saying “Go! Go! Go!” on fall merchandise but the hot temperatures are saying “No, no, no.” That’s when the beauty of the transition piece comes into play. Mixing fall trends like floral peplums with summer staples (in this case pastel colored denim) is the perfect way to show some excitement for the upcoming season without abandoning your old wardrobe. This is the time to remix your wardrobe with the old and new, with the benefits being that because you preserved some of your new buys when the fall comes you’ll feel as though your wardrobe is still new. So no need to fret about August, as awkward as you are, you are increasing my cost-per-wear so I love you all the same. 

Sweaters, Starbucks, and Star Spangles


In viewing the Olympics these past two weeks I have been inspired by each athletes courage, strength, and pride in representing their individual countries. With each win I felt their elation, with each loss I felt their heartache, and in each game I could feel the athletes’ desire to persevere.

When I spotted this girl outside of Brandy Melville I had to stop her in her tracks. What better way to celebrate the end to a once in a four year phenomenon than share a little national pride? I love how she paired a star spangled asymmetrical hem skirt with a cropped sweater; summer Americana at its finest. Although the Olympics won’t be showing until 2016 when it’s in Rio de Janeiro, it’s never a faux pas to show some pride. So show some spirit, rock your stripes, rock your stars, and find cheeky ways to incorporate some red, white, and blue. After viewing the fierce competition in each race, match, and relay, it is evident that there is much to be proud of.