Peplums & Pastels


August is so awkward. It is the month that technically a part of the Summer season category; however with fluctuating temperatures and new back-to-school merchandise a girl can beg to differ. With the sweet cooing of the stock up sales on oversized knit sweaters, deep autumnal hued denim, and clunky leather western boots it has been a battle not to dump my summer purchases and have an autumnal affair. However, let’s not be too hasty. Retailers may be saying “Go! Go! Go!” on fall merchandise but the hot temperatures are saying “No, no, no.” That’s when the beauty of the transition piece comes into play. Mixing fall trends like floral peplums with summer staples (in this case pastel colored denim) is the perfect way to show some excitement for the upcoming season without abandoning your old wardrobe. This is the time to remix your wardrobe with the old and new, with the benefits being that because you preserved some of your new buys when the fall comes you’ll feel as though your wardrobe is still new. So no need to fret about August, as awkward as you are, you are increasing my cost-per-wear so I love you all the same. 


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