Sweaters, Starbucks, and Star Spangles


In viewing the Olympics these past two weeks I have been inspired by each athletes courage, strength, and pride in representing their individual countries. With each win I felt their elation, with each loss I felt their heartache, and in each game I could feel the athletes’ desire to persevere.

When I spotted this girl outside of Brandy Melville I had to stop her in her tracks. What better way to celebrate the end to a once in a four year phenomenon than share a little national pride? I love how she paired a star spangled asymmetrical hem skirt with a cropped sweater; summer Americana at its finest. Although the Olympics won’t be showing until 2016 when it’s in Rio de Janeiro, it’s never a faux pas to show some pride. So show some spirit, rock your stripes, rock your stars, and find cheeky ways to incorporate some red, white, and blue. After viewing the fierce competition in each race, match, and relay, it is evident that there is much to be proud of. 


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