First Impressions


Everyone can relate to having “first-day-of-school” jitters. The butterflies swarming in the pit of your gut, the sweat coating your palms, the inability to respirate. These symptoms come with the territory of starting a new chapter in your life.

Even as a college student I still toss and turn the night before classes thinking about what wear to the first day of classes. First outfits always carry so much significance and weight. It provides a brief statement to others about who you are, what you like, and who you aspire to be. It can give insight into your personality and preferences. What we wear can provide a person enough information about you just by your choice in garments.

This look reminded me of that back-to-school time period because it’s mid-August but me being the cable-knit-sweater hogging, boot-toting, fur loving freak that I am, at the sight of overcast I was all over my fall wardrobe like you would not believe. Jumping the gun? Maybe just a wee bit. The sun came out to play less than half an hour later. But the minute I slipped on my fur-adorned denim vest and pulled up my western-inspired black boots, I began to fill the tingle in my fingertips that one can only equate with the sense of a new beginning.





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