The Sassy Scholar

Transition is inevitable. Be it seasonal or work-related, our lives are shaped by the never-ending rites of passage that we endure. I recently talked about a transition that we can all relate to, the turning of seasons. This change required us to release the tight grips we had on our go-to chiffon dresses in favor of heavier fabrications in dark rich hues. In going through the motions of welcoming autumn, for me known as back-to-school, I realized that I another kind of change was in store for me. This year will be final year as a college undergraduate. The last year of shirking responsibility, making those frequent and hysteric calls to home about my crumbling life, and party like there is no tomorrow. It is my last year that I will be able to call myself a “kid” without it sounding pathetic. But even though I consider myself as “just a kid”, this summer during my internship I realized the importance of representing myself as a responsible individual who is capable of having a successful lifelong career. In embracing this new chapter of my life, my style is going through a transition of its own. Usually favoring trendy pieces that pop in fast fashion stores and the Juniors section in department stores, I am now seeking items that will have longevity into my wardrobe. However as Britney Spears once crooned, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”; while I want my wardrobe to seem more adult it should not come at the sacrifice of individuality and youthful experimentation. The pieces shown here are ones that I am excited to wear this upcoming school year. It is a mix of classic staples with trendier pieces, an ideal concoction that allows an individual to welcome a new era without growing up too soon.

Scholarly Sophistication

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