All That Glitters Is Gold

As the summer days are winding down and the cool fall breeze starts to set in, the beginning of fall quarter is soon upon me. In preparation for school, and moving into my new apartment, I have been spending the last of my summer days indoors crafting quirky pieces for my new place. Finding inspiration from my Pinterest boards, I have created a glitter framed corkboard from an old picture frame and a make-up brush holder using a glass jar and vanilla scented coffee beans in place of colorfill. When creating the make-up brush holder I pictured myself at a vanity getting ready for the day, so when it was time to choose a color for the vase I knew I had to go for the gold. I can’t wait to set up my bathroom with this glittery piece!ImageImage



Livin’ La Vida Local


I have the extreme fortune of neighboring with a warm-hearted couple that works at the Farmer’s Market. Each Sunday they provide my family with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs; at times, more than we know what to do with. With each season comes a new opportunity to find a way to creatively implement nature’s candy into each meal. In summer, our kitchen overflows with juicy heirlooms, crunchy bell peppers, and vibrant eggplants which provide the perfect addition to summer salads and stir-frys. As cold weather season is fast-approaching I look forward to the arrival of sweet potatoes, winter squash, and dark leafy greens which will make a delicious soup. I love getting produce from the Farmer’s Market because it allows me to connect with the growers and support local economy. A dish becomes much more delicious when you know who fostered, grew, and cared for the crop.


When I go back to school to start my Fall quarter one of the things I will miss the most is the soft knocking at our front door signaling that fresh produce awaits me on the other side. However, this year I am going to make a conscious effort to visit the farmers market in order to continue eating healthfully and sustainably. If you have not shopped at a local farmer’s market I highly encourage you to look on Google to find one close by. If this is not an option to you, I would recommend shopping at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes, or Fresh & Easy; these grocers provide great produce and organic options. 


(tonight’s dinner which was chicken, brown rice, and a medley of summertime vegetables)Image